What is the law of attraction?

THE LAW of Attraction Made Simple

I’m no expert on knowing about the law of attraction but i have been experimenting with it and im happy with the changes that are beginning to happen in my life.

I have always been quite a negative person,  i suffer from depression and mood swings and really have been quite unlucky at times as we all have, Not once though did i really make the effort to try to change the way i think until i read a book recently on the law of attraction and cosmic ordering.

The book basically explained that like attracts like, i also study spirituality and this also teaches the same thing that like attracts like and negative attracts more negative.
The key is to have hope and faith and to think positive even if you don’t actually feel positive, i think once the universe has proved itself by changing your life then you will begin to feel its benefits, but at first as much as you don’t believe it, just think it.

We are only human i know that, i know we are all going to have our bad days and the days we can’t shake it off but that will pass and once it does just try to relax and meditate and clear away any bad energy.
If we go through life moping about not having money, telling ourselves we will always be poor or we can’t do this or that, its pure negative, we allow our moods to get so low that we lose all trace of our dreams and inspirations, our imaginations lessens so we can’t imagine how our life could be.

In this negative mood i don’t think positive vibes and energy can reach us, we block them.
The same thing has been said by many psychic mediums, when someone we love dies you may try so hard to get a message from them but if you are grieving, sometimes its hard for them to get through to you because your energy is too low and so you miss the signs.

so try to think positive in life, again, even if you don’t feel it, imagine it, tell yourself you can get that job or you will make more money, and that you can lose weight etc, you will, you can, rather than you can’t.
Think of all the positive things in your life and the more you practice at being more positive in your day-to-day life the easier it will become.

You may start to see more positive changes in your life, its good if you can try to visualise the changes as well, if you want to lose weight spend a few minutes a day with your eyes closed. tell yourself out loud or in your mind that it is possible to lose weight, see yourself how you would like to look.
You can do these visualizations for anything in your life.

With thinking positive, not only will it lift your mood, it also gives way for the universe to make our dreams come true, if we mope and put ourselves down and tell ourselves we can’t do anything right then really, what hope is there.
The last key to law of attraction is you have to really want what it is you hope to change and you have to believe you can get it, tell yourself you deserve it, have no doubt and have faith in the universe.
I have been doing these tips myself to try to gain more money and its been working so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

The main thing to remember is money is just energy, the universe doesn’t care what we want it for, you just have to think positive,

so if you want to try it for yourself id try these tips.

try to be precise about what you want.
start off with asking for small amounts of money if moneys what you are after.

really believe that the universe will give it to you
believe you deserve it

see the money coming to you, visualize how it will make you feel, see it in your purse or wallet and really feel the experience.

have gratitude for whatever the universe provides, if you wanted a tenner and only got a pound still thank the universe, because who knows how it works, it may just be a test to see if you really have faith in it.

ask ask ask away with out feeling guilty.

write a diary or lists about the things you want to change in life, more money, better relationship, new car etc, then follow the above steps to hopefully manifest it. read as much as you can about cosmic ordering and the law of attraction and maybe order some law of attraction cards, you see if you are reading about it a lot then you are attracting that energy to you and that is good.

If you are entering competitions you can try the same process, tell yourself you will win, believe you will win.

I’m not saying we will always get what we want but there’s no loss in thinking positive in this world, remember don’t get stuck in the rut of i wont win that competition because too many people have entered, or im so sick of having no money, this is negative thinking, focus more on what you do have and what you would like and own it, rather than focusing on what you don’t want.

good luck.

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